Fraud at Single window Automobile of Abidjan

At present in Ivory Coast, the issue of non-transparency is on the agenda. The government shows again it inablity to control correctly its affairs. HOW ? Indeed 2000 vehicles were cleared without the legal authorization of customs. How it can be possible ? According to a deputy, how more than 2000 vehicles since from 2016 to 2018 circulate freely and have not been cleared despite the presence of all the structures in charge of customs clearance and registration. Recall that Automobile single window of Abidjan includes within it customs, ministries of trade and transport, and private companies such as Quipux or ivory logistics.
In march 2018, the managing director of the customs is alerted by a government member, on fraudulent practices which take place in the automobile single window of ABIDJAN. Quiqly, his depatments noticed some incoherence between the data of the system of custums clearance automated (SYDAM) and those of the computer system of the automobile single window. Actually, the departments noticed that some vehicles registered in the single window did not appear in the data of the custums.  To solve this problem, the state opened a legal proceeding whith the aim of punishing all the responsible people. By his communication dated to May, 15th 2018, the state wants from July 1st, to set up the brigades of customs on the whole of national territory. It will be in charge of looking for all the vehicles will give rise to payment of the rights and the taxes of elected customs and the contentious consequences planned by the legislation in force (payment of fines, legal proceeding). The government spokesman preferred to emit a reserve on the penalties planned for the personalities quoted in the affair, for fear of hindering the conclusions of the current inquiries. It is in quite 18 personalities and 15 million euros per vehicle of losses that we register in this affair, said the managing director. His assertion is contrary to that of the prosecutor in charge because he declares a loss of about 2 billion francs or about 3 million Euros / 1000 vehicles. It seems clearly that this mafia is not only well organized, but took advantage of the weaknesses of transparency of the procedures of custums and consequently showed the degree of absence of control and check in the administrative data. It raises the following issues : How does the State control the importation of vehicles if it does not have a platform on which it can have access to all information related to the single window ? Then why this informations are not available to all for clarity ? And finally, why is the importation, customs clearance and registration of vehicles happening only between the customs, the automobile single window and the vehicle owner ? This is really how a situation of non-transparency can easily lead to corruption.


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